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2007 year - Year of China in Russia 


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Siberian Centre of Cooperation with China,

Noncommercial Partnership – participant "Year of Russia in China".



     Siberian Centre of Cooperation with China, Noncommercial Partnership (SCCC NP was established in Novosibirsk in 2003; it constitutes a part of the holding consisted of transport-logistic and trading companies ( In August 2003, the representation of SCCC NP was opened in Shanghai.

     The strengthening of economic, innovation, and cultural relations between Siberian Federal Region and the south-eastern provinces of China is the basic direction of the work.

     SCCC NP provides the services of strategic business development and fulfillment of different projects of the Russian organizations and enterprises, the company has worked with the China companies for more than 10 years, its qualified personnel work in offices in Russia, China, and Hong Kong. In the interests of customers, the activity on searching for the reliable producers of the required goods in China is conducted, strategic sourcing solutions, market reasearch and marketing support; the assistance is done in placing orders and concluding foreign contracts, as well as shipment control, international logistics and door-to-door delivery is organized.

     SCCC NP performs activities in innovations and has contacts with Russian inventors. The company and ‘Leading group’ Russian innovation consortium carry out acquirement, development and professional patent protection of intellectual and industrial property.

Sphere of activity:
■ consulting services
■ assistance in organization of business in China
■ transport-logistic services
■ innovations
■ cultural relations: Chinese TV channel, cooperation with art galleries
■ sport

Our news and photoreports:
03 September 2007

Август 2007г. НП "Сибирский Центр Сотрудничества с Китаем" предоставил лингвистическое обеспечение в ходе проведения совместного военного учения стран-членов ШОС (Шанхайской организации сотрудничества) "Мирная миссия 2007".  


15 June 2007
14.06.07. В гостинице "Новосибирск"  прошла презентация провинции Цзилинь. Были представлены компании-производители медицинских приборов и препаратов, сельскохозяйственной продукции, оборудования для производства бетона, поставщики грузовых автомобилей и др. 
06 June 2007
2-4 июня. В г.Новосибирске, в здании Сибирской ярмарки, прошла выставка товаров народного потребления Синьцзян-уйгурского автономного района КНР. Более 50-ти компаний представили свою продукцию: от строительных и отделочных материалов до сельскохозяйственной продукции.
01 June 2007
29.06.2007. В г.Новосибирске состоялся 12-ый российско-китайский форум межрегионального сотрудничества. Большая часть состава прибывшей делигации - представители провинции Гуандун. Китайская сторона представила доклады, знакомящие с современной социально-экономической ситуацией различных районов Китая и заявила о скором открытии российского консульства в г.Гуанчжоу. 
11 April 2007

April 2007. Visit of  the delegation from Changchun construction firm  (Jilin Province) to Novosibirsk. Organization of  business negotiations on investment, subcontract, design works.

March 2007.  Accompanying the delegation from Novosibirsk research institute of a pathology of a circulation to Luoyang Central Hospital (Henan Province). The aim of the visit is signing a contract on the continuation of cooperation.

06 March 2007

March 2007. Photo-exhibition "The Real China" ( Commercial Bank "Siberian agreement" )

February 2007. Photo-exhibition "The Real China" ("The Globe" theater)  

27 November 2006

The representatives of the “Chinese-Russian New Technology Developing Center” (Liaoning province, PRC) visited the “Siberian Center of Cooperation with China”. The purpose of the visit was the discussing the potential opportunities of the subsidiary opening in Novosibirsk.

24 October 2006
The Chinese painters delegation came to Russia to show Chinese contemporary art.     
06 October 2006

The ‘Siberiam Center of Cooperation with China’ Noncommercial partnership provided help in the Public Health Department (Taiyuan city, Shanxi province) reception. During the negotiations was singed the agreement concerning Russian-Chinese craniological center in the Taiyuan city.

15 September 2006

The ‘Siberian Center of Cooperation with China’ Noncommercial partnership as a member of the Novosibirsk Region delegation visited Shenyang city (Liaoning province), Chanchun city (Jilin province) and Beijing. During the visit were visited different Chinese  factories, discussed construction equipment orders, new projects in the innovation business.

26 June 2006

The Jilin province presentation in Novosibirsk. Department of Commerce (Chanchun city).

29 May 2006
The 'Siberian Centre of Cooperation with China’ Noncommercial Partnership participated in ‘Days of  Siberian Federal Region in the Southern China Provinces’, the eleventh Chinese-Russian Forum of Interregional and Interparliamentary Cooperation. The presentation was held in the following cities of Guangdong province: Guangzhou, Dunguan , Shenzhen, and in Hong Kong. The fruitful negotiations with the local authorities and businessmen were conducted.
24 May 2006
The ‘Siberian Centre of Cooperation with China’ visited the innovation-technology exhibition held in Manchuria. Russia presented 130 projects a part of which arouse interest, and several large contracts were signed.Chinese government became interested in the Russian developments.
’Leading Group’, Russian Innovation Consortium successfully submitted its proposals to the State Committee of China for implementation of innovation programmes, which resulted in the establishment of representation of ‘Leading Group’, Innovation Consortium in Beijing and other provinces.’Siberian Centre of Cooperation with China’ Noncommercial Partnership maintains contacts with the Russian inventors and the Chinese side.
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